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Common Questions About Services

Julie at desk photoAm I admitting I'm a failure if I hire you?
Many people feel that hiring an organizing consultant is admitting failure. They think something must be wrong with them if they are having trouble getting or staying organized. The truth is that some people are born organizers while others are not. Struggling with organization is not a sign of ignorance or of a deficiency. Keeping track of details and analytical thinking may not be your strengths. On the other hand, you may be fairly organized and just want some help fine-tuning the systems you have. All of us are different and we each have different gifts. Calling in an expert, whatever your situation, does not mean you are a failure.

Will you make me get rid of all my junk?
Only if that's what you ask me to do. Many people assume that, as an organizer, I come in and make you get rid of all your junk. That is not true. When people call me for help, we begin by identifying their frustrations. Perhaps they are tired of living in clutter or maybe they can't find things as quickly as they'd like. They might want to have a good filing system. Or they may want to learn how to deal with incoming mail so it doesn't keep piling up. I do not impose my agenda on clients but rather listen to their specific needs.

Have you ever seen anyone as "bad" as I am?
It's important to know that being organized is not a moral issue. Organized people are not "good" people while the disorganized are "bad". Being organized is a style of living that can be helpful but is neither good nor bad.

Sometimes clients worry that theirs is the worst clutter I've seen. However, my perspective is not one of judgment. What I see is the challenge and the fun in helping people realize their dreams.

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