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The Appointment Process

Julie at desk photoWhen you contact me for help, we will begin by identifying the frustrations you believe stem from disorganization. Perhaps you are tired of living in clutter or maybe you can't find things as quickly as you'd like. You may be tired of the piles of incoming mail that accumulate on your desk.

The first appointment usually consists of an initial consultation. I gather information from you about your lifestyle, work style, current habits, personality preferences, and the organizational systems that are currently working for you. This is also a time for you to physically show me around the areas you want help with as we identify the specific systems with which you are dissatisfied.

After gathering this information, we will set up a brief plan of action. I will not impose my agenda on you but rather listen to your needs and suggest solutions for your individual challenges. At this time, we will discuss how much help you would like from me in implementing the plan. Typically, clients like me to work along side of them but, if you prefer, I can help you break down the plan into smaller tasks and give "homework assignments" for you to accomplish on your own. If you do choose to have me work along side of you, I will actively help you make decisions about the items we are organizing - decisions regarding what items to keep and how they should be stored. Many people assume that, as an organizer, I will come in and make you get rid of all your junk. That is not true. I will help you set up a criteria for what to keep, and assist you in deciding which items measure up to that criteria. I can also facilitate you in establishing new and empowering habits and routines that will enable you to maintain the organization we create.

Depending on the breadth of the project and your ability and speed in making decisions, implementing our plan may take hours or several appointments. I usually suggest we work in blocks of four consecutive hours because I have found this to be an optimal length of time for most clients. However, I will work with you in whatever blocks of time you find most comfortable.

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