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Summary of Services

Individual Instructional Consulting:
Perhaps you need strategies for winning your struggle with paper that has overtaken your desk or counter tops. Maybe you're considering a remodel and want ideas for creating storage space. Or you might just need guidance in solving time management issues. For individuals who feel confident that given some expert direction, they will be able to conquer their organizing challenges, I offer instructional consulting without hands on assistance. This consists of suggestions and advice on specific areas of home or office life.

Hands-On Organizing:file drawer photo
Hands-On organizing, the most popular of my services, is for the individual who just can't seem to get through the work of organizing on their own. After an initial planning session, I will come to your home or office and physically help you sort through clutter. Together we will set up systems for managing your possessions, enabling you to easily find what you are looking for. Working with you, I can help make the experience of getting organized enjoyable.

On-Going Assistance:Julie by bookshelf photo
Once systems are in place, I can provide ongoing support to help you remain organized throughout changes that occur in your life or work. Many of my clients find this periodic assistance in updating and maintaining their organization very beneficial.

Group Presentations:
Do you need a speaker for an event or meeting? I am available for speaking engagements on many different aspects of organization. When giving a presentation, my goal is that audiences find my talks not just instructional, but also humorous and inspiring.

Corporate Training Sessions:
Does your company or business, whether in the private or public sector, want to improve its staff's workplace organization? I can train your staff to conquer a variety of organizational challenges. Follow-up individual consulting can be combined with group sessions to create an even more effective training.

I teach a number of classes through area community colleges.
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Quicken and QuickBooks Training:Julie at computer photo
Do you want to get your home or business finances organized? Would you like to set up your accounts and categories in such a way that tax preparation and budgeting are a breeze? I offer one-on-one training at your computer, teaching you programs that can take the pain out of financial tracking and record keeping.

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