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Making More Time For You

So much to do, so little time. Do you find that taking time for yourself frequently winds up at the bottom of a long to-do list?

Yet, taking time for ourselves is important. It helps us rejuvenate physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives us something to look forward to in our day. When we find time to do things for ourselves, it says, “We are important” and increases our sense of self worth.

Begin by visualizing what you want to do. Close your eyes and imagine the way you would most like to spend time for yourself. This helps you focus on the solution to, rather than the problem of, too little time. This is a good first step.

Next, make an appointment with yourself. Appointments written on the calendar create a sense of commitment. We think twice about changing an appointment. We block out that time and dedicate it for a single purpose. By scheduling appointments with yourself on your calendar you create that same sense of commitment to yourself as you do to others.

The following time management tips will help open up time in your life for you:

• LEARN TO SAY NO. Most of us are over-committed with activities. Even if the balance in our life is just right, we need to carefully consider our time when asked to take on something new. Before you say yes to another commitment, ask yourself (and demand an answer), “What will I give up to take on this new project? Is it worth it?”

• ASK FOR HELP. Your spouse, family, friends and co-workers may all be willing to help you if you ask. This may open up valuable time to spend on yourself.

• CONSIDER HIRING HELP. There may be some chores you might prefer to hire out than spend time doing.

• SET PRIORITIES. You can’t do it all and still have time for yourself, so you need to be discriminating about what you choose to do.

• TAME YOUR TECHNOLOGY. Technology can be a time saver or waster. Use it to your advantage when it pays dividends in time. Choose not to use it when it cuts into time for yourself. Ask yourself, “How much time do I really need to be connected and available to the world with my phone, cell phone and e-mail?”

• AIM FOR “GOOD ENOUGH.” We don’t have to do things perfectly; that often eats up precious time.

Time for yourself can be anything that you want it to be. Whatever you choose, be sure that it’s something you really enjoy. Add richness to your life by taking time for yourself.

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