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Clearing Out Clutter

Often we hear about the pain and anxiety of letting go of our belongings, even when we know that we have too much stuff. But for me, there is also a wonderful, liberating feeling that comes when I clear out clutter in my home and my work space.

Recently, I was inspired when I visited friends whose home seemed so peaceful. Only a few months ago they had moved in and their living spaces were very deliberately decorated. Things were not cluttered with stuff. When I returned to my home, I went into every room and looked at each item displayed in it. I asked myself if it was something that I used and if it was something I really liked or treasured. I took away a few things (knick-knacks, throw pillows, pictures) here and there. I studied some of my plants and set aside a few which had out lived their beauty. As I looked back on each room, I could see a subtle difference. The rooms seemed more congruent and peaceful.

I listed the discarded items on a piece of paper and assigned fair market value to them for tax purposes. I boxed them up and had a charitable organization come get them. The things I gave away were nice items but they were not adding to the beauty or function of the rooms I live in. It feels good to know that they may find a good home in someone else’s life.

Clearing out clutter is never really finished. Things creep into our lives so gradually that we don’t always see the clutter building up in our homes. I got so used to my own living space that I didn’t even see some of the excess clutter that I didn’t want or need. Repeating this deliberate process every season or every year will certainly help to combat my clutter.

Try taking a tour of your home and looking at each room with a new perspective. Perhaps you can find some things to get rid of and make your home a more peaceful and enjoyable place to live.

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