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How to Plan for Making Dreams Come True

THE NEW YEAR! A time for new beginnings. I love the feeling of finishing and getting a fresh start at something new. As a child I experienced that every year as a new school year would begin. Now, the new calendar year gives me the chance to bring closure and start anew on my dreams, goals and aspirations.

New year resolutions often mean unrealistic promises to myself that I seem destined to break. I no longer “resolve” to do the impossible beginning January 1st. However, I do take time to be reflective and set priorities for the upcoming year using the following steps:

1. In January, along with my husband, I review the past year, write down what I accomplished and celebrate my “wins” — the good things that happened in my life.

2. Then I review the written goals I set out to accomplish. As I reflect on those goals I didn’t accomplish, I ask myself: “Is it still important to me?” “What got in my way?” and “What can I do differently to make it happen next year?”

3. Next, I set new goals and revise the old by looking at all areas of my life including career, relationships, family, health, spiritual life, education, recreation, and personal possesions.

4. I devise a “plan of action” — steps to achieve my goals. I attach dates to each step and plot the action steps into the months of my daily planner for the coming year.

5. And then, I begin anew...

My “Happy New Year” wish for you is that you will have a new year that is full of dreams, goals and aspirations that are important to you and a plan for making those come true.

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