Benefits of an Organized Life

If you weren’t born a natural organizer, getting organized may take real effort. To help motivate you, here are some of the benefits of becoming and staying organized:

It has been estimated that the average person spends 20% of his or her workday looking for things. Many of us also spend a significant amount of our non-work hours searching for items. Often, after a lengthy search, we still can’t find something and, although we already own it, end up purchasing that item again. Becoming more organized can spare us this unnecessary drain on our time and money, in addition to reducing our stress. It gives us greater freedom to focus on the people and projects that are most important in our lives.

Working and living in an uncluttered space with easy access to the items we need increases our energy and creates a sense of being in control. This in turn enhances our creativity and makes us more effective.

Finally, becoming more organized can increase our self-esteem by making others perceive us as more credible and worthy of respect.