Do You Need A Professional Organizer?

People have many reasons for turning to a professional organizer. Some are fairly well organized and just want to fine-tune their systems. Others feel they were born without the "organizing gene" and need expert assistance and advice. Many just desire the energy and objectivity of another person to help them clear away the clutter.

Are troubled by any of the following symptoms:

Overwhelmed with paper and information
   •Lots of paper piles
   •Filing system that doesn't work or is outdated (You fear that if you put
     something in it, you'll never find it again)
   •Disorganized financial time is a bear!
   •Late fees and fines that could be avoided if you were more organized
   •Too much time spent looking for papers
   •Arriving to meetings and appointments without the right information

Not satisfied with what you accomplish each day
   •Too much to do!
   •Late for appointments and meetings
   •Too many interruptions
   •Inability to carry out your daily plan
   •Spending a lot of time putting out fires and dealing with urgent matters

Living or working in clutter
   •Embarrassed to have others see your mess
   •Professional image tarnished by a cluttered environment
   •Can't find what's needed when it's needed
   •Your space isn't working for the job you need to do

If any of the above symptoms are a problem for you, Organizing Solutions may be your answer.
Let Organizing Solutions help you:
       Eliminate desk clutter
       Create or update filing systems
       Produce easy-to-use forms
       Simplify procedures
       Organize work and storage areas
       Develop computerized bookkeeping/accounting system

       And Organize Your:
             Office or Den
             Garage, Basement, Attic
             Family Room